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2012 Apricot Fiesta Parade Winners

posted Jun 9, 2012, 4:47 PM by Apricot Fiesta
Best Hometown: Patterson High School Band
Most Entertaining: Beauty and the Beast - Patterson Repertory Theatre
Best Float: "Go West, Cub Scouts, Go West" Cub Scouts Pack 81
Most Inspiriational: Boy Scout Troop 82 Color Guard
Best Band: Banda Bella Vista

Equestrian Grand Sweepstakes: Claudio Arroyo

Horse Winners

Pony Drawn Mini Vehicle
1st place: #19 Connie Hawkins
2nd place: #23 Laurie's Pony Parties

Mounted Novelty Group
1st place: #12 Desparate HORSEwives
2nd place: #28 Quadrilla Queens

Plain Western
1st place: #43 David Bricknell

Ladies Side Saddle
1st place: #29 Charlie Alamo

Parade Horse
1st place: #47 Rodolfo Mendez